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40 Years in Business

Welcome to Blessings Ranch, where tradition meets quality. As the proud successors of Aitken’s Farm & Ranch, we are honored to continue the legacy of providing premium grass-fed beef to our valued customers.

Our story is deeply rooted in the rich agricultural heritage of our land. We believe in the importance of nurturing our cattle in their natural environment, allowing them to graze freely on lush pastures, ensuring they receive the best care and nutrition.

At Blessings Ranch, our commitment goes beyond just raising cattle. We are passionate about delivering beef that is not only delicious but also ethically raised. Our cattle are never subjected to antibiotics, hormones, or grain. They live their lives as nature intended, grazing on the verdant fields under the watchful eyes of our dedicated team.

Being a family-run farm, we understand the value of community and relationships. Our customers are an extension of our family, and we take immense pride in serving them. Every cut of beef that leaves our ranch carries with it our family’s promise of quality, integrity, and excellence.

Thank you for choosing Blessings Ranch. We invite you to be a part of our journey, savoring the rich flavors of our beef, and celebrating the blessings of nature with us.

Warm Regards,

The Blessings Ranch Family.

Finest Quality Meat
Premium grass-fed beef
Finest Quality Beef
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Our Story


Welcome to Blessings Ranch, a beacon of agricultural excellence nestled in the heart of Texas. Our journey began when we took over the legacy of Aitken Farm & Ranch, bringing with us a renewed passion and commitment to sustainable farming. While our roots are deep, our vision is clear – to provide families with the highest quality farm-fresh products.

As a family-run farm, we cherish the values of community, integrity, and transparency. Our practices are a testament to our dedication to the land and to you, our valued customer. We believe that good food begins with good farming, and at Blessings Ranch, we ensure that every product we offer is a reflection of our commitment to excellence.

Our Offerings

Our cattle graze freely on our lush pastures, ensuring that the beef you enjoy is flavorful, tender, and of the highest quality.

Raised with care, our chickens enjoy the freedom of our farm, resulting in meat that’s both delicious and ethically produced.

 From our farm to your table, our chicken & duck eggs are a testament to freshness and nutrition.

Harvested from local beehives in northwest Houston, our raw honey is a sweet symphony of nature’s goodness.

Raw Cheddar Cheese is $24/lb for a half pound package ($12 each)

To inquire about any of our fresh milk or cheese products call us at 832-422-5164

Raw Milk Co Op order info!

Milk is $14/gallon

The milk pick up will be every 2 weeks so people will have to order accordingly.

Pick up at farm Thursday and Saturday

Note: $11 if you buy more than $50 worth of beef only.

Sustainability at Heart

At Blessings Ranch, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. We employ eco-friendly farming practices that not only benefit the environment but also ensure that our products are wholesome and free from harmful chemicals.


Where tradition meets quality. As the proud successors of Aitken’s Ranch, we are honored to continue the legacy of providing premium grass-fed beef to our valued customers.

“I now buy all my meat from Choper and I am really happy with the selections and especially the meat!”
Catherine T. 13 Nov 2022
“I Love everything I have Purchased from here, from the Porchetta I bought at Easter, i have been a loyal customer since. even get the monthly sausage of the month”
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Dewayne John 4 Oct 2022